Microsoft Office 365 Product Key Free [Working 2024]

Are you searching for the Microsoft Office 365 Product key? but still, you are not able to find the right one? If yes then this is the best solution for you in which I am going to share with you some legit license keys to get a license for MS Office free of cost.

As we know that this product comes with a 30-day of free trial so once the trial has expired you will be asked to activate it. In this way a 25-digits code is required that is also known as a license that is used to activate it so we can keep using it.

But the problem is that license isn’t free at all you need to pay money to purchase it from Microsoft Store or any local store. Since we know not everybody can afford that amount this is the reason why I have listed some working licenses for our visitors.

Although it is highly recommended to keep reading this article until the end as you will also learn a method to activate without having a key. Furthermore, I am also going to share with you the best activator that can be used for both Windows as well as Office.

Office 365 Product Key

Before we move to the keys section we have to first understand a thing that is why you should use a serial key? So, the simple answer is that it is a license for the Office that is used to activate it so we can use all its features.

It is because whenever you install it you will receive 30 days of free trial and after the trial is expired you will see activate product notification again and again. At this point, you have to use the keys that I have listed below and after this, the product will be activated.

Microsoft Office 365 Product Key Free 2023

  • MT7YN-TMV9C-7DDX9-64W77-B7R4D
  • 2MHJR-V4MR2-V4Z2Y-72MQ7-KC6XK

Perhaps you should make sure to use Microsoft Office 365 Product key on the same version. If the version is old like 2016, 2013, or older then it shows you some errors. That’s why check the version of the office that you are using and then copy any of the licenses from below.

Also, if you have any other version then simply follow the below links according to the installed version:

So, below is the list of MS Office 365  license keys to get a premium version free of cost:

1 After copying any key from the above section now you just need to open any Office product like Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

2 It will then ask you to create an account here or sign in with the old version so ignore it and press I don’t want to sign in or create an account.

3 After this you will be asked to enter a 25-digit code then simply type one of the keys that are provided above.

4 Once entering the key just click on the Activate button and wait for a few seconds and then you will see the product has been activated notification.

That’s it just by following the above steps you can activate Microsoft Office 365 using the product key free of cost. But please keep in mind that the activation requires an internet connection this is why you need to use connect to the internet.

Since this is the easiest method but even though most people may not be able to use it. The reason is that many people might already have used them before you. At this point, you will be required to follow the below guide to activate office 365 without a product key.

Activate MS Office 365 without Product Keys

Since I already shared Microsoft Office 365 license key it doesn’t mean that it will work for everyone. It is because there is a limit on how many computers can be used. In this way, if some other users have already used that key then there is a chance you will see some errors.

This is the reason why I am writing this simple and easiest guide in which you don’t need to have any keys. In this section, we are simply going to use a script that is used to connect your computer to the KMS server and provide you with a license.

Note: This process requires an internet connection if you don’t have it then you will see an error message. Make sure to first connect to the internet and then you can simply keep reading this guide.

To activate Microsoft Office 365 without a product key just follow given below steps:

1. First of all you need to copy the activation script by following this link: Activate Office 365 Without Keys

2. Stay on Desktop and then right-click on an empty area and select New > Text Document and leave the name as it is (we will change it later).

3. Now double click on the Document file you have created just now and then paste the script that you copied earlier.

4. After pasting the script now just click on the File from the above menu and then select Save as.

5. This will open a new window where you will be asked to type its name so simply name it as Office365.cmd.

6. At this time just go back to the Desktop (or wherever you saved that file) and then right-click on Office365.cmd and select Run as Administrator.

7. You may be asked for the confirmation so when that notification appears to click on Yes to allow it.

8. Now the script will start running on your machine and then you will see the status on CMD as Product Activation Successful.

When that notification appears that means your app has been activated successfully and you can simply turn off the PC and restart it again. After this launch Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint here you will notice it is not asking for product keys anymore.

This is the simple and easiest way to get the license for Office 365 without using the product key. Other than this it is completely safe and secure so don’t worry about it anymore.

MS Office 365 Activator

Now talking about the last method that gets a license for MS Office 365 using an activator. Since we know there are many tools that are already available on the internet that is used to activate various products of Microsoft.

But the problem is not all of them are compatible with the latest Office 365 and that’s why you need an activator that works with this. I have tested various tools on the internet but I only found one of them that works amazing.

The name of this activator is Microsoft Toolkit which is completely free to use and doesn’t even contain any sort of virus or malware. It is also known as the EZ Activator but after a few years, it changed its name and is now known as MS Toolkit.

If you want to learn more about this activator then simply follow this link: Microsoft Toolkit

Before following below steps make sure to first disable Windows Defender or any other antivirus tools. It is because this activator is blacklisted as it provides a license key free of cost so if you don’t disable it the tool will be deleted automatically.

You can read this guide to Disable Windows Defender on Windows 10, 8, and 8.1. Other than this you should check the method for 3rd-party Antivirus tools by yourself.

Now you can follow the given below steps to activate MS Office 365 using Microsoft Toolkit:

The first thing that you need to do is download MS Toolkit using this link: Download MS Toolkit

Once the file is downloaded now simply open that folder and extract the zip using WinRar or 7Zip.

It will then create a folder there so open it and then right-click on Microsoft Toolkit.exe and select Run as Administrator.

You will be asked for the confirmation then select Yes.

Now a simple window will appear there so from here click on the Office icon (as shown in the screenshot below).

It will then launch instructions for Office and at this time select Activation from the above menu.

Now select AutoKMS under Activator/Tool selection menu and then click on the Install button.

This will take a few seconds and make sure to have a proper internet connection or it will take a longer time.

Once the installation is completed you can check the status under Information Console that says AutoKMS was Successfully Installed.

That’s it now since the KMS server has been installed on our device that means the product is activated as well. You can simply check out the status by opening any product like Excel or Word and then click on File > Accounts.

Now you can simply check it under Activation Status if it says Activated that means you are done. Otherwise, you just need to follow all the steps from the beginning as you may have made some mistakes that’s why Office wasn’t activated.


This is it we have shared the working and 100% legal Microsoft Office 365 Product key. By using these keys you will be able to activate your product to use it free for the rest of your life. I have checked each serial by myself before posting it here so don’t worry about it.

Other than this you might face the key being used many times or it is blocked then you can follow the method to activate Office without a license. That method is also safe and tested so if you have missed it then please go above and check that as well.

Also, I have provided the best activator named Microsoft Toolkit that can be used to provide a license for Windows and MS Office free of cost. This tool is completely safe to use and it doesn’t contain any sort of virus or malware so make sure to give it a try as well.

Although if after reading this guide you are still having any sort of problem or just want to ask any questions. Then please don’t hesitate to write it in the comment section below, I will be glad to hear from you and try my best to answer that question.

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